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A Matcha coloured makeup brush set with 13 pieces of brushes. - Suitable for beginner. - 6 face brush: foundation brush, concealer brush, powder brush, contour brush, blush brush, highlighter brush. - 6 eyeshadow brush: large eyeshadow brush, blending brush, eyebrow brush, pencil brush, small eyeshadow brush, smudging brush

Fix+ Professional Makeup Brush Set of 13 pieces – GIBOXO

★ Use a special makeup brush cleaner to clean, and use a towel to absorb water after washing;

★ Fix the makeup brush hair into an ideal shape and air dry it in a cool place.

★ Do not blow dry with a hair dryer to prevent pulling and trimming makeup bristles, or put them in the sun to dry, otherwise the material may be damaged;If there is a little depilation phenomenon is normal, it will not affect the function of the makeup brush;If it is used every day, it is recommended to maintain it once every three weeks.

HOT Fix Makeup Brush Beauty Makeup Tool Set Brush Super Soft Powder Paint  Epacket Free Ship From Addy88, $6.16 | DHgate.Com

how to choose makeup brush

It's better to choose the natural hair brush, because the natural brush is soft and elastic, and it feels very comfortable to contact with the skin, and it's easy to stick to the powder particles, and the color is natural. Although the synthetic brush is smooth, it is not easy to brush the powder evenly.

★ bristles should be soft and smooth, tight and full and not easy to fall off, the grip should also be easy to use.

★ when selecting a brush, you can feel its elasticity with your hand, or press the brush directly on the tabletop, and the good-quality bristles will be circularly distributed with no gaps.

★ brush on the back of the hand to sweep back and forth several times, no bristles off is the product.

FIX+ Makeup Brush Set – The Colorist Malaysia

★ method of identifying the authenticity of bristles is to use the hot wind of the hair dryer to brush the bristles, keep the original for the animal hair, bristles into curly shape is man-made fibers.

How to Clean Cosmetic Brush

★ can choose a special brush cleaner for cleaning, gently kneading, and then flushed with cold water.

 never clean against the hair.
After cleaning

★, gently press the bristles with a tissue paper or make-up cotton to allow moisture to drain quickly, remember not to twist the bristles, resulting in loose structure or even hair removal.

BEST 13 pcs set Makeup Brushes Authentic FIX brushes COD | Shopee  Philippines

★ Control Dry MoisturE, The Makeup Brush Can Be Suspended, So That The Bristles Face Down Naturally Air Dry. Do not use a hairdryer to blow hot or sunbathe in the sun to avoid damaging the material.

How to store makeup brush
most makeup brands

★ come with a make-up bag and can buy it yourself based on the quantity and specifications you have. Usually small make-up bags are suitable for storing short handle brushes or travel brushes, which are more commonly used, while large ones are suitable for storing professional makeup brushes.

Fix+ professional face and eyeshadow brush – Beauty Glazed PK

★ For brushes that are not used for a while, it is best to insert the brush head upwards into the makeup drum. Long handle brushes are easy to use, but inconvenient to carry. You may as well purchase a shorter brush according to the size of the cosmetic bag.

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