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Sponge Strips 12 pc

Sponge Strips 12 pc

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The highest quality cellulose sponge works very well to
gently cleanse the contours of the face and neck. This sponge is made from 100% natural, treated cellulose fiber, the greenest option available. No polyester filling. Our
cellulose facial sponges come in a convenient compressed form to save space. Once
wet, these sponges are soft and absorbent. 3 "x 3/8", 12 per

Bag with 12 compressed sponges, 100% natural cellulose, can be sterilized by boiling or with chemical disinfectants.
Indications: Ideal for cleaning and / or removing creams, masks, gels or foams for facial use.

How to use:
· Pour water into a bowl of at least 7cm in diameter (large cup).
· Immerse the Compressed Facial Sponge.
· Wait a couple of minutes for it to take its actual shape and size.
· Remove the liquid by manually compressing the sponge.

Contains: Cellulose.
Very porous and absorbent, spongy to the touch even without wetting them, they remove the most dense masks with ease.

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