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Zoeva Makeup Brush Set

Zoeva Makeup Brush Set

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For a more ‘fun’ look, you might want to try the Zoeva makup brushes. It comes with 16 brushes that can be used to apply your eye makeup, all sporting hot pink handles with a perfectly contrasting dark brown case. The bristles themselves are a mixture of brown, ivory, and two-tone black and white, completing the cheerful theme of this set.
If you’re delving into the world of make up brushes, or just after a comprehensive capsule brush kit, ZOEVA’s makeup brushes ticks every box. It comprises the 106 Powder brush; 102 Silk Finish for foundation; 110 Face Shape for contouring; 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek for powder blush and 142 Concealer Buffer to delicately disguise imperfections. And for the eyes, there’s the 227 Soft Definer for seamless eyeshadow blending, 231 Petit Crease to define the brow bone and 317 Wing Liner for the perfect cat’s eye flick. 
The handles are all completely rose gold medal, instead of the classic wooden-handled, metal-ferruled Zoeva brush look. It doesn’t have every brush, but it definitely has the most important ones for foundation, powder, contouring, and eyes. The packaging is the traditional Zoeva faux leather clutch, in a dark brown color, with a rose gold zip and lettering on the clutch.
Zoeva brushes are known for their superior quality and feel. You can wash them without any concerns for shedding and can use them for both your cream and powder products due to their blend of natural and synthetic hairs (besides for their vegan brushes)
At first glance, the prices might seem a bit steep, but if you work it out per brush, the prices are decent considering the quality. Using good quality brushes is not just a nice suggestion. It can completely change the way your entire makeover looks. Many people believe that you can use the cheapest makeup, but if you have quality brushes, you can make yourself look spectacular. With Zoeva brushes, you are guaranteed to get the best out of the makeup you are using and look your prettiest self.
Firstly the face brushes which are the 106 Powder Brush, the 103 Defined Buffer, the 129 Luxe Fan, the 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek, the 112 Face Curve and the 109 Luxe Face Paint brush. All of the face brushes have a large proportion of the brush in the rose gold metal which you can see really makes them stand out especially in a pretty jar on your dressing table.
106 Powder Brush 
The powder brush is a big fluffy, soft brush with a thick sturdy handle that makes blending and dusting powder over your forehead really easy. This brush is so soft, well to be honest they're all extremely soft but especially because this one is so big it's really pleasing to use on your skin.
♥ 103 Defined Buffer
This brush is really dense and is slanted, it would be amazing to contour with if you were using a cream bronzer because of its slanted shape and it's ability to buff in a product with it's densely packed bristles.
♥ 129 Luxe Fan
It's amazing for sweeping away any fall out from glittery eyeshadows and also for dusting a nice delicate amount of highlighter on your cheekbones.
♥ 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek
It is the perfect blusher brush or bronzer if you're bronzing up your face rather than contouring, it applies the perfect amount of product and blends beautifully
♥ 112 Face Curve
Go over your face with the Defined Buffer lightly just to make sure your foundation is completely buffed into your skin, nobody likes a patchy face!
♥ 109 Luxe Face Paint

This is a brush that would be Kim K worthy. It is literally the perfect shape for defining your cheekbones without leaving you with a muddy thick stripe down your cheeks and it's really easy to blend out with too. It's fab for contouring the nose and forehead too with it's shape.

Now the eye brushes, the eye brushes in this set are the 142 concealer buffer, the 317 wing liner, the , the 322 brow line, the 310 spot liner, the 226 smudger, 227 luxe soft definer, 228 luxe crease, 230 luxe pencil and the 234 luxe smoky shader.
♥ 142 Concealer Buffer
This is a double for the Real Techniques concealer buffer. It buffs out concealer quickly and beautifully no matter how thick the product is and it clogs the actual brush much less than the RT one which is a massive bonus because less cleaning to do always wins! It's very dense but still very soft and flexible. 
♥ 317 Wing Liner
If you ever want to venture out into gel liner or even a cream/gel eyebrow product then this would be fab for that.
♥ 322 Brow Line
This is your standard short, angled brow brush however it is slightly shorter than most others. This makes it so much easier and more precise when drawing on lines .Whereas with this one you could really create a 'on fleek' brow if you had the time and the patience to spend a little longer filling it in neatly.
♥ 310 Spot Liner
It is quite possibly the smallest brush . As it's so delicate and tiny though it will be fabulous for applying black eyeshadow or liner to really thicken your lash line and give that invisible liner look.
♥ 226 Smudger
This small, short and dense brush is a smoky eye essential. It will be fabulous for smoking out the crease or for smoking out a shadow along the eyeline or even for applying black shadow to the lash line and smoking that out.
♥ 227 Luxe Soft Definer
This is super fluffy and probably a really good  dupe for the much loved Mac 217 brush. It blends out eyeshadow really nicely without scratching your eyelids which is of course a massive bonus.
♥ 228 Luxe Crease
Another soft fluffy blending brush which is ideal for blending and shading into the crease or the outer corner of the eyes. There is not a massive difference between the luxe crease and the luxe soft definer, both essentially do the same task of blending out either loose pigment shadows or pressed powder ones.
♥ 230 Luxe Pencil
This is a very precise small tapered brush which would be really good for any accurate shading and blending that's needed with your eye makeup. As it is shaped like a pencil it would be able to apply eyeliner smoothly and precisely, if you like wearing black eyeshadow as liner.
♥ 234 Luxe Smoky Shader
The standard eyeshadow application brush, the brush is rounded and smooth to give good application. It's very dense so is perfect for packing on the colour and if you spray the brush with a bit of Mac fix plus first it will work well to apply loose pigments too.

Make-up brushes have to be viewed as an investment because they will last you a long time (or should) and if you wash them and look after them properly then it should end up being well worth the money. They're definitely worth saving up for or putting on your birthday list!


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